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18 February 2014 @ 03:24 pm
Still alive....  
Hi to all out there :)

First - I apologize sincerely for neglecting LJ and everyone/-thing around. There are many reasons for it and though I confess it would have been possible to leave at least a short message, my mind just wasn't up to it, because...

In short terms, both my computers died. The older, but better one slowly, in small steps and it's still breathing, but unable to support a lot of programs I used to use and need. The second one, the one I had for broadcasting, broke down in merely seconds when I started it. No re-animating possible, maybe one day a friend of mine can save some data, but the whole machine had passed for good.

The substitute I luckily had is the same old thing as the broadcast-pc, so - not able to support things like HULU, means no watching Jack for a long time now, as I can't afford buying DVD's at the moment. I'm happy I could finally  buy a new computer and though it's still an adventure to explore WIN8 after working on XP for a decade, it's doing its job absolutely fine.

Second - yes, I confess, I'm addicted to a browser game called Howrse. Breeding and training virtual horses is time-consuming and I met nice and funny people there, too; so I had/have at least a kind of substitute for the absence of the Jack family. I hope you can understand a little bit that I prefered to stay away instead of sharing things I could not really share, because movies didn't work.

Third - and well, I know it's a strange thing for a lot of people, and I definitely never thought of being part of such phenomen, but...

I started to "channel" some time ago and it's as fascinating as terrifying, feeling and seeing things I normally wouldn't know. And of course, it's time- and mind-consuming like nothing else ever before. I still need to learn a lot, especially protecting myself from reflecting the physical pain of people who are connected to me. It's an adventure I never imagined I would ever get into but - it's also a wonderful experience when you suddenly feel loved from the universe itself. Remember Whitney Houston's "Greatest love of all"?!

Well, it was exactly that overwhelming feeling which flooded my every nerve and fibre - and it was the most beautiful feeling I ever had. Love is the basic of all creation, the basic of the earth's energetic field and we are surrounded by love; we just need to open our hearts to see and feel it. Every soul has its own Guardian Angel, not only for this life, but for every incarnation - until we finally decide to join the energetic cosmic light for good, to return to our soul's real ancestry.

I know I now sound like a preacher and I hope none of you feels offended, because I have absolutely no intention to sermonize or whatever. I just want you to know that all of us are loved, that love and tolerance is what Mother Earth needs most and that the cosmic energies are trying to spread this message and the longing for peace all over the world.

So... Thank you for reading.

I won't promise to be here daily from now on; but I will have a look at LJ more or less regularly again and would be very happy if you accept my apologies and meet me here again every now and then.

Oh, and last but not least - amerally, dear -  the Irish Folk-CD is on progress... All songs are recorded, some of them already mastered, now we need to work on the money necessary to master the rest and cut them, printing the booklet... ;)

*big hug to all of you*
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porridgebird: space-starsporridgebird on February 19th, 2014 03:36 am (UTC)

I am so surprised and happy to see a post from you!

Congratulations on the new computer, sorry about the old one(s). How do you like Win8? This netbook I am using now transitioned me from XP (like you, a decade at least) to Win7 and that took a while to get used to. Win8 looks very very different even from Win7!

love and tolerance is what Mother Earth needs most and that the cosmic energies are trying to spread this message and the longing for peace all over the world.

That is a beautiful statement. Have you seen this? http://youtu.be/wupToqz1e2g It's Carl Sagan musing about humanity, after seeing an image of Earth taken by Voyager 1 from six billion kilometers away.

Anyway, sigh. Love and tolerance, the human race is in such need for that. I hope there is hope for us.

Meanwhile, some love for you *hugs hugs hugs*